10 Ways You Should Be Using Chocolate

Forget the Cucumbers

Dark chocolate is so rich in antioxidants, it is pure magic for protection against free radicals. This is because there are factors we face in the world (which called oxidants) and using the antioxidants in chocolate as part of your skincare routine can help reduce their impact. Chocolate also protects against UV rays and can help prevent sunburn and sun damage (#winning). Chat to the staff at Savant Apothecary on how you can cater your skincare routine and enjoy more chocolate in your life!

Back in Whack

Chocolate has so many benefits! It can even contribute to hormone balance via the potent magnesium and iron it holds. It’s also known to lower cortisol and boost mood impacting hormones when you are feeling low. Chocolate IN, serotonin and dopamine UP! Enjoying some dark chocolate daily will do the trick. When you are feeling low, stop by Scoop Wholefoods for some dark chocolate treats on the way to Terry White Chemmart for your top on other vitamins!

Bake It Happen

Next time you pull out the cook books, check out Liquorland first. A tablespoon of Chocolate Liqueur in your buttercream chocolate icing will give your recipe extra flair! The rich flavour of the cocoa with the bite of liqueur is just the perfect touch. We think this tip is better suited to a cake for adults. though! And you can always split the batch of frosting in half for a non alcoholic topping to keep it kid friendly.

Ultimate Gifting

There’s nothing quite like the traditional gift of chocolates and flowers. Since 1853, chocolates have been given as a special gift and before that chocolate was even used as currency! These days it’s best to pair a few of the beautiful handmade chocolates from Cocoa Nib (which take three days to make!) with a unique bunch of flowers from Still Life Floral Art. We guarantee you will make someone’s day with a tasty and beautiful gift.

Colour Me Happy

A chocolatey colour palette is flattering on everyone. Introducing warm browns, cool tones and mauves into your wardrobe will have you feeling the chocolate vibes. Small touches such as tan accessories on denim, brown leather boots with a dress or some funky sneakers with leather accents fit the bill. It’s super easy to enjoy the chocolate colour palette if you visit Privvy for clothes and accessories and across the way to Easy Living Footwear for the perfect new pair of shoes!

Meat Your Match

We have found the ultimate hack to cooking ribs! Marinate your ribs for approximately 12 hours in some dark cocoa powder along with your regular flourishes and your meat will have an amazing rich flavour! You can then rub the meat with your favourite rub, or just enjoy those flavours you’ve infused alone. We suggest topping with some dried orange from Scoop Wholefoods and serving on an antique chopping board from The Essential Ingredient for an insta-worthy spread. Pick up your ribs from Green Acres Butchery and your cooking chocolate from The Essential Ingredient. And if you have time, why not pull together an incredible dessert (see tip 3 for an extra flair!)?!

Straight Up Chocolatey Goodness

This one is kind of obvious, but we couldn’t NOT mention the incredible chocolate treats available in centre! The new range of scones at Baker’s Delight are seriously GOOD! They have an incredible Choc Mint, as well as White Choc and Blueberry and a Classic Cadburys Chocolate Scone. Heat them up with a little butter for a twist on the traditional afternoon tea spread.

Ready to meet the Queen?

Some of us don’t function without our coffee, others are better without it! How about when you are craving a hot chocolate on a super chilly morning, but don’t want to miss out on that caffeine hit? Order a Mocha, it is the QUEEN of hot drinks. You get that delicious chocolate hit as well as your much needed coffee. Win-Win! Stop by Louie and Jacks to try one.


Doughheads Doughnuts! Need we say more? No, but we will! We can’t go past a sneaky visit to Doughheads. They have an ever changing selection of delicious doughnuts. They offer many flavours and decadence levels to suit everyone’s taste buds. You can even order a coffee in a doughnut (say what?!) which is lined with Nutella, then filled with your choice of brew! Try one and thank us later!


Our ultimate tip is always BALANCE! Make the most of the delicious ideas mentioned above but remember to ensure you are staying healthy while you do it! Need some inspo? Visit the team at 12 Rounds Fitness for a demo and how they are shaking up the way we exercise.

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