12 Round Fitness

’12 Round Fitness is the culmination of everything I believe I have to offer. To me it’s more than just the next fitness thing.”

You’ve probably snuck a peak at 12RND Fitness while on your way to grocery shop. Located next to Scoop Wholefoods, 12RND Fitness provides a fun yet challenging workout that ensures fitness fanatics of all levels reach their health and wellness goals.

Personal trainers Andy and Jake started their business because they believed they had a great opportunity to foster health and happiness through what they know best – fitness. Since its opening opening in 2016, 12RND Fitness has established itself as a major asset to the Newcastle fitness community and beyond.

Built around functional strength, conditioning and sports-based cardio activities, it’s the ultimate ‘total body’ workout and an innovative approach to the everyday fitness regime. Classes are 12 rounds of 3 minute durations, with each high intensity workout designed to deliver maximum results. with no set class times, 12RND Fitness is the perfect workout for anyone with a busy lifestyle, not to mention the access to free undercover parking! A trainer is included in every workout ready to help you improve your balance, power, agility, speed, coordination, flexibility and endurance.

“I have been injured and recovered, I have participated in events and felt strangers come together as a tram, I have seen people succeed and I have seen them fall. Through all of this, we have helped thousands of people in a thousand different way reach the potential and grow.”

To become a part of the 12RND Fitness family, visit the boys in the Junction Fair at the 12RND studio or follow the link below.

Join here:  http://bit.ly/2rrB2Q0

Contact:  0401 622 480

Opening Hours: 
Monday         6–10am, 4–8pm
Tuesday         6–10am, 4–8pm
Wednesday   6–10am, 4–8pm
Thursday       6–10am, 4–8pm
Friday            6–10am
Saturday        7–11am
Sunday           Closed

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