An inside look: Greenacres Gourmet Meats at Junction Fair

Ron, Junction Fair local and go-to for all things meat sat down with us recently to discuss what sets Greenacres Gourmet Meats apart from the rest.

“In this day and age people are more aware of what they are eating and place higher value in what they put into their bodies. With an extensive amount of information out there these days, it’s never been easier to educate ourselves on the benefits of natural foods and when it comes to meat, it should be no different”, said Ron.

Ron began his career as a butcher after his mum told him he could leave school if he began an apprenticeship. As he developed within his apprenticeship, Ron’s passion for meats grew and his knowledge and appreciation for produce became abundantly clear.

Ron is a true Junction Fair local. Before opening Greenacres Gourmet Meats, Ron was a manager at a local butcher and prides himself on serving his community.

At Greenacres Gourmet Meats, Ron aims to provide customers with exceptional service but also to educate them. As an example, “When you come into the shop, we show you the difference between natural and plastic skins on the sausages”, says Ron. 

Visiting a butcher can be sometimes be overwhelming with choice, so we asked Ron, what’s the most popular cut of meat to buy?

Without hesitation, Ron replied with “Scotch Fillet, T-Bone, Rump, Eye Fillet, New York – they’d easily be the top five. Personally, I can never go past a Scotch Fillet, the fat runs through the meat giving it more flavour.”

There are so many great cuts of meat but where do they come from?

“That happens to be the most common question,” says Ron, “ I do have a farm, which has cattle on it. So some of the meat comes from there, otherwise due to the drought, it makes it tough to source meat, but we source a lot from Victoria as their drought conditions aren’t as diar as New South Wales and Queensland. Also many people now opt for grass-fed meat as it’s healthier and more natural, so we offer a wide range”.

Ron and his team at Greenacres Gourmet Meats only source the highest quality meat and use real, natural ingredients. Greenacres Gourmet Meats take the time to do the job properly and in return, they have loyal customers.

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