10 Ways You Should Be Using Chocolate

Forget the Cucumbers

Dark chocolate is so rich in antioxidants, it is pure magic for protection against free radicals. This is because there are factors we face in the world (which called oxidants) and using the antioxidants in chocolate as part of your skincare routine can help reduce their impact. Chocolate also protects against UV rays and can help prevent sunburn and sun damage (#winning). Chat to the staff at Savant Apothecary on how you can cater your skincare routine and enjoy more chocolate in your life! Continue reading “10 Ways You Should Be Using Chocolate”


Best tips for winter? Eat well, warm up with a workout, stay healthy and have a one-of-a-kind experience at Junction Fair where you’ll always find something different.

It’s never been so easy to kick all your winter goals!


As the temperature goes down, the desire for comfort food increases. But what exactly is comfort food? It’s really as individual as you are. For some people it is simple pleasures reminiscent of childhood; chicken and vegetable soup, macaroni and cheese; for others it might be spaghetti Bolognese or a rich ragu. No matter your comfort food of choice, any one of our specialty food retailers will have the ingredients and inspiration to help you hit the spot.

Perhaps you need some wintery ideas? Sign up for a class with The Essential Ingredient or click here to go to one of their amazing recipes and there is no better place to source those hard to find ingredients and cooking equipment. Pop into Scoop Wholefoods for some amazing porridge ingredients, legumes, fermented foods or talk to the talented butchers at Greenacres Gourmet Meats, where you will find a great range of ready-to-go protein along with excellent paddock to plate meat cuts. Don’t forget the winter faves of beef cheeks and dressed lamb shanks. Oh, if you like to cook with wine (perhaps even put some in the food), pop by Liquorland.

And of course, you’ll need something sweet to finish the evening. A quick stop at Cocoa Nib Artisan Chocolate try the ready-made delicious desserts as well as to- die- for chocolate treats. Take home a half litre (or a full one, we won’t judge) of delicious tiramisu or Nocciola Piccante Hazelnut gelato from Popolo Gelateria, some say it’s the best in the world, or Doughheads is certain to have just the thing to satisfy that sweet tooth like nothing else!


The temperature may be low, but you can still glow! GetPolished can adorn your nails with warm colours with a mani-pedi. Savant Apothecary has everything necessary, made in-house, to keep your skin healthy and beautiful during the cooler months. For anything else, there is always TerryWhite Chemmart, supplements at Best Body Supplements, and take the time to book into 12 Round Fitness.


Keep warm in style with the latest fashions for your winter wardrobe from Privvy and Sanbah Surf Shop with their very own Sanbasics range, and then pair your new outfit with the perfect boots and accessories from Easy Living Footwear.


A beautiful bouquet from Still Life Floral Art, what better way to bring warmth, beauty and the aroma of life to your home? And if you stay healthy this winter, perhaps the only doctor you will see except for the usual check-ups will be at the Hunter Phone and Computer Doctors.

Too Cool for School has relocated to Junction Fair and has a brilliant range of toys, games, books, and music to keep any kid entertained – not to mention fashionable clothes for when they want to brave the weather and it is now so easy to just pop in for that gift and say hi!

A cold winter’s morning is best accompanied by a warm beverage and the fresh pages of a quality journal. Typically journaling daily is a great way to ‘mind-dump’ and clear your head, a time for self-reflection. The thing about new habits is, you never to stick to them unless you find joy in them (#sparkjoy – thanks Marie Kondo), so make sure you have writing materials that bring you satisfaction. Honest Paper has an exquisite range of hard and soft cover journals and notebooks and quality pens to help you enjoy the therapeutic process of writing. From handmade journals to fountain pens and organization galore, Honest Paper is worth a visit on one of these wintery days.

This winter, why just shop, when you can kick all your goals, at Junction Fair?

Doughheads – The Best Doughies in Town!

Like your doughnut dusted with cinnamon sugar? Or something a bit more decadent, like lashings of chocolate ganache topped with gooey peanut butter icing and sprinkled with salty pretzels? Here in Newcastle we all know that Doughheads is the place to fulfil all your Doughnut fantasies. This Newy icon has risen to fame in just four short years and has flipped the humble doughnut on its head.  Continue reading “Doughheads – The Best Doughies in Town!”

Your Pre-Travel To-Do List

Jet setting overseas for the Winter or just going away for the weekend? Whatever the length of your holiday, the Junction Fair has got you covered for all your travel essentials. We know packing can be a tedious task, but with all your travel needs under the same roof, shopping is made quick and easy. Skip the queues at the bigger shopping centres, car park traffic jam’s and busy centre traffic by visiting the Junction Fair. Think about it, getting all your travel shopping finished early means more time to relax and starting your holiday early! Continue reading “Your Pre-Travel To-Do List”

Master the Art of Gift Giving

Master the Art of Gift Giving!

Buying a gift for someone special can be an exciting and sometimes daunting event. Whether it’s buying for a special occasion or just to treat someone near and dear to you, there is an art to choosing the perfect gift. Of course, choosing the perfect gift can make that special someone’s day, week or even year – and aren’t they worth it? Read on to get some gift-spiration! Continue reading “Master the Art of Gift Giving”

Be the host with the most this Long Weekend

You’ve been waiting patiently, counting down the days to celebrate Liz’s birthday with a long weekend. The extra day off is the perfect opportunity to get the gang together and catch up over leisurely lunches, grazing platters and indulgent treats. Hosting your friends and family doesn’t have to be a chore, we’ve got plenty of tricks to impress your guests and barely lift a finger.

Continue reading “Be the host with the most this Long Weekend”

Satisfy your Midday Slump at the Junction Fair

You’ve hit that midday peak and your stomach is starting to rumble. Maybe your colleagues are giving you the side-eye, or a friend just hit you up for a lunch date. The Junction Fair is the perfect foodie hub to hit for a quick bite or lunchtime feast. You will be spoilt for choice with fresh lunchtime options, guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied and recharged.

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Hop into The Junction for your Easter Essentials.

It feels like we were hanging out Christmas baubles yesterday, but in an instant, Easter is upon us. The craved long weekend is the perfect time to gather your family and friends and celebrate being together. Whether you’re playing host, guest or the Easter Bunny, The Junction Fair is the perfect place to grab all of your essentials.

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