Christmas in July at Junction Fair

At Junction Fair, we’ll snap up any excuse to indulge in a delicious feast with family and friends. If the Australian Summer Christmas of prawns, pavlovas and fresh salads leaves you lusting for a decadent roast dinner with all the trimmings, celebrate Christmas in July! You can grab all the inspiration and ingredients you need for a festive banquet at Junction Fair.

The Warm Up Act

When you hit the weights at the gym, it’s expected that you warm up your muscles first with a light jog or stretch. If you’re going to devour an extravagant feast, it’s common sense that you sneak in a few snacks first. It’s for your health and safety. Get creative with your Christmas canapes at our gourmet culinary stores. Serve up a moorish trail mix of lightly salted almonds, tart dried paw paw and vibrant veggie chips from Scoop wholefoods. Can you beat the delicate contrast of creamy camembert with fruity cranberry jam? Pile it on flaky puff pastry from The Essential Ingredient. For a harmonious combination of savoury and sweet, stack Essential Ingredient’s pork and pistachio terrine with slithers of fresh fig on crispy lavosh. Drizzle with organic, local honey from Scoop for a winning starter.

Moorish Sides

One of the highlights of a banquet is piling your plate high with tantalising sides of velvety mash, blistered beans and caramelised roast vegetables. At Junction Fair’s gourmet retailers, you can pick up everything you need to give your sides a little spark. Blanch Brussel sprouts, then blister in a searing pan coated with Essential Ingredient’s garlic infused olive oil. While you’re exploring the culinary store, pick up a bottle of authentic, Modena balsamic vinegar to drizzle on top. Roast seasonal root vegetables like sweet potato and heirloom carrots until the tips are lightly charred, pair the smoky flavour with crunchy walnuts and fragrant honey from Scoop. Toss al dente green beans in silky butter and top with crispy rashers of artisan bacon from Pickled Pig.

The Main Event

When it comes to creating the perfect roast, no matter which cut or meat you desire, the first step is using high quality produce. Lucky for you Pickled Pig are passionate about sourcing premium products for their customers. Pop in-store and chat to the expert team about your Christmas in July fantasies. Pick their brains about the perfect marinade, optimum cooking times and industry secrets. Whether your braising a fall apart brisket, roasting chicken with rosemary and thyme aromatics or attempting the addictive crunch of pork crackling, the Pickled Pig will ensure your main event is a showstopper.

Always Room for Dessert

It’s a given, there’s always room for dessert. When it comes to a festive banquet, you can’t skip the traditional Christmas pudding. Scoop up plump sultanas, currants and dried fruits for the jewels in your dessert. You can also stock up on nourishing, natural flours in the wholefoods store. You can’t fail when you bake with premium quality ingredients. Pair warm slices of moist, boozy pudding with creamy, vanilla bean speckled gelato from Popolo. Catering for a dietary requirement? Don’t stress, just pick up one of Buzz’s gluten, dairy free, vegan slices. The nutritious treats look so delicious, you’ll be tempted to grab an extra for yourself. If time isn’t on your side, serve a mouth-watering platter of Doughheads’ doughnuts. It’s the perfect grand finale and you didn’t even have to lift a finger.

Junction Fair pride ourselves on being the home of artisan ingredients and tantalising eateries. The centre is a foodie haven, so if you’re hosting a Christmas in July feast, come explore our culinary wonderland.

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