Doughheads – The Best Doughies in Town!

Like your doughnut dusted with cinnamon sugar? Or something a bit more decadent, like lashings of chocolate ganache topped with gooey peanut butter icing and sprinkled with salty pretzels? Here in Newcastle we all know that Doughheads is the place to fulfil all your Doughnut fantasies. This Newy icon has risen to fame in just four short years and has flipped the humble doughnut on its head. 

Doughheads Doughnuts

The big idea 

What you might not have realised is that our beloved Doughheads is a one of a kind, owned, operated and created by the brilliant mum of four, Anna. Even more surprising is that it wasn’t Anna’s original intention to create, possibly the most delicious doughnuts on earth. For Anna starting her business was about creating a brand that people wanted to be a part of. It was about inventing something that made people feel so good that they wanted to be associated with it. “I often say to staff, people should want to be associated with us so strongly that we could sell them anything”. Anna admits that the product was an afterthought. Bringing together her hospitality experience and role in client services in financial planning, Anna created Doughheads. “I believed that I could take that high client value… and thought why can’t the same principals be applied to a small hospo’ business” she said.    

Getting started 

Anna has worked extremely hard to create the Doughheads we know and love here at Junction Fair. The Journey started in June 2014 in a room she had gutted in her own home and fitted out with semi-commercial equipment, to make the doughnuts for her stall at the Olive Tree Markets. “I would get up at one in the morning and make the dough and fry the doughnuts and dip them and take them off to the markets and sell them”, she said. As Anna’s doughies started to make a name for themselves, she began to sell them at more and more markets and with more staff they soon had to upgrade to a commercial kitchen. Before long they moved into their first retail concept. Anna said that this initial retail concept was very raw, “we were still baking separately and bringing everything into the store”. After 18 months, we were lucky enough to have Anna and her team grab a space here at the Junction Fair. 

Doughheads Doughnuts

Doughheads at Junction Fair 

There are many reasons Anna loves being a part of Junction Fair, but most of all its being a part of a community that supports unique and bespoke businesses, just like Doughheads. “There are so many creative and unique individuals, all putting their livelihood on the line to be here… Every time you buy a product from them it’s going to support their livelihood. That’s a pretty incredible privilege as a consumer, and also to be in business with like-minded people.” she said. For Anna it was important for her to represent the people behind her business, which also gave her the opportunity to build a unique space. Now having her own kitchen on the premises, she decided to create a viewing window to show where the magic happens. “We wanted to bring the kitchen into view, so people understood that there were actually humans behind it creating everything”.  

Moving into her new space Anna has been able to expand her range and keep on creating some of the classic doughnuts we know and love – I mean who can resist the OG, covered in sweet crackly, vanilla bean glaze! Anna not only wants to keep providing the best quality doughnuts she can but also said its important to listen to her customers. “We want to make sure we are in alignment with what people want and keep providing products that people love and want to be a part of” she said. So keep an eye on the menu with two new additions weekly. Don’t worry all your favourite’s will be sticking around, including cookie dough, Nutella and many more. 

Doughheads Doughnuts

It’s a Newy thing 

With such delicious creations it’s no wonder Doughheads has become so ingrained in Newcastle’s culture. Picking up a couple of Doughheads doughnuts should be on every visitor’s to do list “we get a tonne of people say to me that it’s the thing we have to do when my friends come to visit”. Anna said she feels incredibly privileged to have become “so ingrained in the culture of the city”, and in just four years. For Anna this is one of the most important parts of her business, having her customers as a part of the Doughheads community. She said she loves how her customers want to get involved by doing things like tagging Doughheads in social media posts. “That’s why we do what we do, without that we are just another business that’s plodding along and there is no soul to it. Our customers are our soul”. 

Next time you have visitors in town or are in need of a special treat come down to Junction Fair and visit Doughheads, for the most delicious, decadent and downright addictive doughnuts in Newcastle.  


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