Be the host with the most this Long Weekend

You’ve been waiting patiently, counting down the days to celebrate Liz’s birthday with a long weekend. The extra day off is the perfect opportunity to get the gang together and catch up over leisurely lunches, grazing platters and indulgent treats. Hosting your friends and family doesn’t have to be a chore, we’ve got plenty of tricks to impress your guests and barely lift a finger.

The Ultimate Antipasto Platter

Creamy cheeses, crisp lavosh and fragrant fruits, extravagantly piled to create a gourmet antipasto platter. You can make the spread of your dreams a reality at Junction Fair. Our specialty food stores boast high quality, artisan ingredients that take your platter from mediocre to memorable. Pop into The Essential Ingredient for a French Délice de Bourgogne or balance sweet quince paste with a tart Roquefort. Chat with the knowledgeable team and they’ll arm you with all the lavosh, dried muscatels and delicious chutneys you need to make your platter a success.

Can you imagine a better combination than silky ricotta and fragrant honey? You can bring it to life by swinging into Scoop and picking up a jar of local, organic honey. While you’re there, scoop up some dried figs and almonds to scatter over your platter. You’ll need a base for your guests to pile all that antipasto goodness onto. It’s a good thing Baker’s Delight whip up aromatic baguettes daily. Load up your platter and gather your nearest and dearest around the table to nibble, chat and enjoy.

Light lunch with a difference

Looking to put on a spread that settles your guest’s rumbling stomachs without leaving them loosening their belt buckle? Maybe you’re serving a light lunch before heading out for afternoon drinks, or they already devoured an indulgent breakfast. Junction Fair can help you satisfy all your catering needs. Why not treat your guests to a refreshing selection of authentic sushi? Pick up a few hosomaki packs or grab a selection of chicken katsu, tuna and tempura vegetable rolls to slice up yourself. Build a sushi tower and surround it with fresh nigiri for your guests to nibble on.

It’s the Queen’s birthday, so why not spoil your guests with a lavish high tea. Pick up fluffy scones and fresh bread from Baker’s Delight to build delicate cucumber sandwiches. Swing past Scoop for creamy nut butters, organic honey and chocolate dipped macadamias. Satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth with delicious protein balls and vegan slices from Buzz. What’s a high tea without crockery fit for a Queen? Go big or go home and invest in an intricate tea set from The Essential Ingredient. While you’re there you can stock up on loose leaf and unique treats for high tea that would make Liz proud.

Indulgent Feast

 The whole gang is getting together and they’re expecting a feast of royal proportions. Where do you start when you have to cater for a crowd with different tastes and dietary requirements? Head to Essential Ingredient’s library of cookbooks for some recipe inspiration. Pick a cuisine and create an array of dishes that explore the culture through spices and aromatics. You can host a Mediterranean Mezze, Spanish banquet or fail-safe BBQ. Get inspired then get creative! If you’re still at a loss on how to pull your feast together, enrol in a class and master the art of a new cuisine.

Once you’ve composed a mouth-watering menu, pick up the foundations for your feast. You can grab fresh bread from Baker’s Delight, staple grains from Scoop and premium protein from Pickled Pig. The butchery prides themselves on sourcing local, high-quality cuts and have encyclopaedic knowledge on cooking to perfection. They’ll happily share their industry secrets, ensuring you don’t serve your guests a dry roast. Take your time and enjoy the culinary process, exploring our artisan food retailers for gourmet spices, sides and trimmings.

Hit that sweet spot

One of the perks of adulthood is not having to finish your dinner to devour dessert. Give in to your sweet tooth and serve your guests a tantalising spread of Doughheads’ doughnuts. Serve the fluffy balls of dough, pumped with delicious fillings and topped with excessive trimmings as dessert or the main event. After a lighter option? Pick up a pint of creamy, authentic gelato from Popolo and serve with fresh fruit. It’s a dessert guaranteed to impress, and you barely had to lift a finger.

Entertaining doesn’t have to be stressful when you shop at Junction Fair. You can gather a plethora of gourmet ingredients in one stop. Chat with our friendly retailers for inspiration and advice on how to pull off the perfect spread. It’s the long weekend so relax, indulge and enjoy the excuse to spend time with your loved ones. Make sure you check in with our retailers on their individual opening hours, so you don’t miss out.

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