Learn something new at Junction Fair

Did you know at Junction Fair you can pick up more than milk and bread? Our unique retailers offer a variety of artisan products and host specialty workshops that help you can make the most of your purchase. So, come on in, explore their artisan range and chat with the friendly staff about their next class.

The Essential Ingredient

Channel your inner Nigella Lawson and cook up a storm at Essential Ingredient. The culinary store boasts an enviable range of gourmet products and niche ingredients, guaranteed to get your stomach rumbling. Whether you’re already a prodigy in the kitchen or your signature dish is burnt toast, there’s a class for you! Each class explores a different cuisine, delving into spices and techniques that perfect a dish. You can master the art of hand-made pasta, smothered with an authentic Napolitana that would make Nonna proud.  Explore the history and culture of New Dehli, you’ll never go to Raj’s Corner again. Take your tastebuds on a journey to Valencia. They’ll be dancing the salsa after devouring paella, churros and sangria. Not only will you have a blast, your next dinner party will be a smash hit. You can find information about upcoming classes on their website or in-store.

Still Life Floral Art

You go to the garden and pick a fragrant array of blooms. You take them to the kitchen with a clear vision in mind, but when you try to create your stunning posy you’re left with a lacklustre result. Who knew the art of floristry could be so hard? Lucky for you Maia from Still Life Floral Art is here to teach you how to whip up a perfect posy, gorgeous floral crown and unique installation. Maia collaborates with the Essential Ingredient, teaching floral art for foodies. You get to nibble on delicious snacks, laugh with new friends and learn a skill for life. You can find information about upcoming classes on the Essential Ingredient’s website or visit Maia in-store.

Honest Paper

Do the invitations for your next special event look more like a pre-schooler’s artwork than professional calligraphy? Tired of forking out for gift bags because your wrapping skills make Santa ashamed? Stress less! Honest Paper is here to help you channel your inner artist. The giftware and stationery store stocks high end products that put Officeworks to shame. You can find unique cards that are a gift in themselves, planners and calendars to satisfy your inner OCD and learn how to create something beautiful. Check out the Honest websitefor upcoming workshops, then head in-store and spoil yourself with a new diary to save the date.

Who knew going back to school could be so much fun. At Junction Fair, we pride ourselves on our high-end retailers and memorable experiences that you can’t access anywhere else. Whether you’re looking to learn something new, have a laugh with friends or give a thoughtful gift, you can find the perfect workshop at Junction Fair.

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