Meet the Creator of Savant Apothecary

When you step into Savant Apothecary you are taken into a unique space somewhere between a luxury day spa and a stylish science lab, with moody lighting and cool marble finishes. This is contrasted by pots of brewing concoctions, test tubes and flasks. The glass shelves are filled with a variety of indulgent products including cleansing oils, botanical face creams, bath soak jars, body scrubs and restorative serums. After just a few minutes in the Savant you’ll be wondering who’s the genius behind it all? 

Savant Apothecary Kylie

Meet Kylie, your resident skin care expert and creator of Savant Apothecary. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of meeting the passionate and knowledgeable Kylie in her delightful and aromatic store, then let us tell you a little bit about her.

The Beginning 

Having always been interested in skincare products, especially their varying ingredients, Kylie studied bio-chemistry and organic chemistry at university and began working in the skincare industry.“I was very interested in the ingredients, and why they did what they did,” she said. Not only was she concerned with what was going into the products but also how the industry promoted them “I didn’t like how the skin care industry pushed youth”. After years of working in the industry and doing her own research into skincare ingredients Kylie decided that she wanted to give making her own products a go. “I wanted to offer people a good natural ingredient list. Giving customers and me control,” she said.

Savant Apothecary

After 10 years of contemplating the idea, Kylie was finally making her own products, selling from home and using them in her day spa business. Her products were becoming a big hit with her clients, “I had a day spa business and I eventually dropped the other brands and just kept ours,” she said. 
Although Kylie had started creating her own products it wasn’t until Kylie and her family moved to Newcastle from WA, that she decided to go all in on her skincare range. Even while Kylie took some time off from work to settle in to the Novocastrian lifestyle, her products were still selling. After settling, she decided to dig her heels in and make things happen. “I thought, okay you know what, I’m really going to make a go of this”. She got labels made for her products and set up a stall at local markets, which Kylie said was like a crash course in finding out what her customers wanted. After a short stint in another location, Kylie decided to make the move to Junction Fair. 

Kylie’s Products

Savant Apothecary

Kylie’s knowledge and understanding of her craft is outstanding and is showcased through her handmade products. This ambitious mother of four has created a skincare range that is not only handmade with care and precision by Kylie herself but is filled with specially sourced ingredients from around the world. With a combination of passion and knowledge Kylie creates specialised skincare, but she can also customise her products to ensure all her customers are getting exactly what they need. Kylie said that her customers have helped her immensely in developing, growing and perfecting her products, even inspiring her to create new things, such as her range of deodorants. “I’d only been open three weeks and I had people coming in asking for them (deodorant). They are telling me what they want and its brilliant,” she said. Kylie loves the freedom that being a small business owner brings her, she is able to be nimble and listen to her customers, which helps her clients and her products.Speaking about bespoke products, Kylie said her customers “are just amazing, they are so forgiving. I really expected if I deviated just a little bit … they would be like I’m not using it again. However, this has not been the case at all”, she said.

Savant Apothecary


One of Kylie’s favourite things about being a part of Junction Fair is sharing the space with a variety of boutique businesses. “I think we share a lot of similar beliefs and values, making something that is good, honest and unique,” she said. Kylie believes that the combination of diverse businesses has helped to create a friendly and warm environment for both customers and retailers,“we’ve all become like a little community,” she said.

Savant Apothecary

If your skin needs some attention or you just want to treat yourself, come and speak to Kylie and her team at Savant Apothecary here at Junction Fair. Kylie’s passion for what she does and her knowledge behind it is the perfect combination to help you get exactly what you need.


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