Savant Apothecary

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a heavenly smell in-centre. That is thanks to the another addition to the Junction Fair family, Savant Apothecary.

Savant Apothecary has been coming into existence for the last decade as they found the right ingredients to make their products feel so good. But really it’s been on owner and Apothecarist; Kylie’s  cards for most of her life as her vision grew and became more and more absolute. She is a wealth of knowledge and is certainly passionate about what she does:

“I always wanted this small store where people could come and buy something made in small batches that was unique and great quality. Products that are thoughtfully made from nature, are effective and have as minimal impact on the environment as possible”.

Making the skincare products onsite from a huge range of plant ingredients that come from all over the world; Bulgaria, Argentina, Northern France, Spain and Africa to name just a few.  All these ingredients come with no toxic load and are made from organic and sustainable sources that make the store just smell incredible, you will smell the store before you see it!

Savant Apothecary’s products can be for everyday use or can treat specific needs like pigmentation, breakouts, sensitive skin and advanced ageing:

” I want people to really love what they are using, to actually be excited to visit our store and use our products. To have confidence that I’m delivering them the means to a healthy skin for life.”

You can buy beautifully made Cleansers, Face Creams, Pure Essential Oils, Face and Body Scrubs, Pure Carrier Oils and they will refill your empty jars and bottles.

 So do your skin a favour and drop by to see for yourself why this store is a game changer. You may even see some products being made!
Store Hours:
Monday:         9.00am-5.30pm
Tuesday:         9.00am-5.30pm
Wednesday:   9.00am-5.30pm
Thursday:       9.00am-5.30pm
Friday:            9.00am-5.30pm
Saturday:       9.00am-5.00pm
Sunday:         CLOSED

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