Tackle the mid-year slump

We’re finally at the half way point and our feet are starting to drag. The crisp breeze and dreary weather is enough to make anyone chuck on their daggiest clothes and curl up in bed. Feeling as drab as the weather? Pop into Junction Fair to refresh your look.

Fresh Kicks

Start from the bottom up. Freshen up those poor weary feet. Sometimes, something as simple as treating your feet to some stylin’ new shoes can have you dancing on clouds and feeling like a whole new person. Treat your tired toes to a fresh look with cute, cozy ankle boots from Easy Living Footwear or perhaps some sweet street shoes from Sanbah.

Fresh Claws

Are your nails looking like something out of a horror movie? Have you bitten them to the bed? Sick of your chipped, flaking home polish job? Don’t hide your claws under mittens, visit the team at Get Polished. Book in for an elegant French tip, striking burgundy shellac or nourishing treatment. Take the time to treat yourself to a pedicure too. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the expert team pamper you from tip to toe. Go on, you deserve it!

Nourish your skin

Ditch your generic face mask for a natural Lemon peel from Savant Apothecary. The creamy, fragrant peel is enriched with shea butter to moisturise, honey to soothe and lemon for a deeper cleanse. The apothecarists hand make their products in-store, using plant based, sustainable ingredients. It’s not just a face mask, it’s an experience. The lush peel rids you of toxins, leaving your skin smooth and vibrant. Explore their assortment of artisan products or ask the knowledgeable team to whip up a concoction unique to you. Splurge on a Restore Me jar and spend the afternoon soaking in a bath of Himalayan pink salts, patchouli, lavender and ylang ylang oil. The fragrant rose and hibiscus petals will transform the water to a luscious pink and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.


Winter nights leave us reaching for rich stews, stodgy carbs and comforting treats. While these feasts are satisfying, they can also leave us feeling sluggish. Recharge your batteries with a detoxing fix from one of our specialty health food stores. Pop into Buzz for a nourishing green smoothie or loaded acai bowl. The antioxidant hit will invigorate you and boost your immunity. Swing by Scoop Wholefoods and load up on kimchi and kombucha. The probiotic rich ingredients are renowned in ancient Chinese and Korean medicine for their healing properties. They’ll cleanse your insides, promoting healthy gut flora and ward off any looming bugs. Did we mention they’re delicious too? Life’s about balance so go on, grab a doughnut as well.

If the lingering winter days have left you looking and feeling dull, head into Junction Fair and boost your batteries. Sometimes all it takes is a refreshed look, nourishing pamper day and antioxidant hit to get us back on top. It’ll be summer before you know it.

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